Privacy Policy
Your peace of mind is our top priority. If anything in our privacy policy is confusing or doesn't sit right with you, please feel free to contact us.

Key Points

- To protect your privacy, Theraview doesn't use accounts or traditional sign ups.
- Your preferences, prescriptions and dose history are stored locally on your phone.
- The Theraview app doesn't store or collect any information related to your identity.

Data we collect

- Theraview collects some anonymous usage data to help guide development of the app. This data, called telemetry data, lets us know when the app has successfully launched, which devices the app is most frequently used on and when a new user downloads the app. Theraview also sends telemetry data when a new feature, such as schedules, is used. This data is totally anonymous and helps us decide which features to work on next.
- The Theraview app may occasionally ask users for anonymous feedback about the app. Users can choose not to submit feedback. This is the only type of user content the app will collect.
- If you submit a support ticket on the website, your provided name, email and query will be sent to our support email.

Things we don't do

- We will not sell or share your data with any third party.
- We will not disclose any information about a user to a third party.

Your rights as a Theraview user

- Theraview does not have the ability to provide you with a copy of your data. This is because your data is stored on your device. The only way for you, or anyone, to access your data is through the app.
- Theraview cannot delete your data as it is stored locally on your device. Theraview has no way of modifying your date either.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

The policy listed here is effective March 21, 2023. As we add new features to the app, we may need to make changes to this policy. If changes are made to the policy, you will have the opportunity to read and agree to the updated privacy policy before continuing to use the app. We will never roll out an update that jeopardizes the privacy of your medical data.